Medical Malpractice Cases Not Declining

Despite the growing awareness and deepening concern for the issues and problems created by medical malpractice, recent statistics indicate that healthcare claims stemming from diagnostic and medication errors, as well as instances of surgical malpractice, continue to be on the rise. Any issues or complications that may interfere with the effective treatment and care of patients may have serious and long-lasting repercussions. Recent trends pertaining to medical malpractice should be cause for concern among patients and care providers alike.


According to a 2014 study, as many as 12 million Americans are incorrectly diagnosed each year. While a misdiagnosis may seem like a fairly minor error, especially when compared to mistakes made during treatment or even surgeries, being unable to accurately identify a disease or medical condition may delay effective treatment or result in patients undergoing a treatment process or procedure which may even be harmful. Ensuring that all patients are able to receive an accurate diagnosis is absolutely essential for ensuring that proper care is provided. Misdiagnosis commonly stems from a communication or documentation error but may also be the result of human error during the patient assessment process.

Medication Errors


By some reports, medical errors may result in as many as 1.3 million injuries each year. A very common and widespread form of malpractice, medication errors occur when patients are prescribed the wrong dose of a medication, combinations of medications that may produce harmful effects or even the wrong medication entirely. These errors typically stem from ineffective communication, but may also be the result of confusing medication names, poor handling or dispensing practices or medical records that may be incorrect or incomplete.

Surgical Malpractice

Even seemingly minor mistakes and errors made during a surgical procedure have the potential to cause very serious, long-lasting or even life-threatening consequences. Despite the potential severity of such mistakes, there may be as many as 4,000 instances of surgical malpractice that occur each year. Preventable mistakes made during surgery have the potential to cause significant harm to patients, even those who are undergoing minor procedures. Among the most severe dangers of surgical malpractice is the increased risk of infection, which may place patients at greater risk as well as requiring additional care to treat and manage.

Utilizing New Methods, Processes and Technology to Reduce Malpractice

New technology and a better understanding of how malpractice occurs are providing healthcare professionals with the means to reduce instances of medical errors by designing processes and procedures that may be completed more safely and accurately. From automated methods that ensure safer handing handling, monitoring and administration of medications to communications resources that make it easier for care providers and facilities to share patient records and information, there are several resources with the potential to improve accuracy and enhance the overall level of patient care.

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