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Accidents at construction sites can result in severe bodily harm and even death. Unsafe scaffolding, ladder injuries, defective machinery and tools, and untrained employees or general contractors are all causes of unexpected injuries. We are committed to representing your best interests in securing compensation in the case of a construction injury.

If you work in construction, then you understand the dangers involved. As one of the top jobs for personal injury accidents, construction work results in tens of thousands of unnecessary accidents each year. Getting hurt on the job might not be your fault. If you wear the correct safety equipment and follow proper guidelines, there’s no reason for you to suffer or sustain an injury on a construction site. The fault may lie with someone else. In this case, you’ll need a competent team of experienced legal professionals to help you establish negligence and get the compensation you deserve. Your medical bills and time away from work could seriously impact your quality of life. Let our team help you recover for damages caused by someone else’s mistakes.

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Every year, construction workers suffer from falls, broken machinery, unstable objects, electrical accidents and more. These types of injuries may be the result of negligence from your employer or from a coworker, but you might be the one stuck with medical bills if you don’t pursue the right legal action. Whether you use worker’s comp or a personal injury claim, make sure you seek counsel from a Chicago lawyer trained in these types of cases, with your best interests at heart.

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