Fire and Explosion Cases Involving Samsung Galaxy Note 7s

Explosions and Recall of Galaxy Note 7

The recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7s has been in headlines after reports of the phones exploding or catching fire. After hearing of the reports, Samsung released an official statement saying, “In response to recently reported cases of the new Galaxy Note 7, we conducted a thorough investigation and found a battery cell issue.” In the same statement Samsung noted that they would stop sales of the phablet (phone/tablet hybrid). The official recall began on September 15, 2016. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung highly encourage those with the phone to stop using the phone, turn it off, and participate in the exchange program that’s been set up. The phone has also been placed on the “no-fly” list by the Federal Aviation Administration and others.

galaxynote7Out of the 1 million phablets sold in the US, there have only been 92 incident reports – 55 reporting property damage and 26 reporting burns to their person. While the percentage of the Galaxy Note 7 that have caught fire is low, the incidents themselves cause more damage than simply losing a brand new phone to a fire or explosion. Among the Galaxy Note 7 incidents in the US, a Jeep and a garage were destroyed by the phone’s battery. Unfortunately, these are not the worst incidents. One phone exploded in the hands of a 6-year-old boy in Brooklyn, leaving him with burned hands and a fear of electronics. Another user in Florida, Jonathan Strobel, is suing Samsung after the device exploded in his pocket on September 9 (before the recall), leaving him with “severe burns” on his upper thigh and “in shock and extreme pain.”

Suing Samsung Over an Injury or Property Damage

Many US consumers, unlike Jonathan Strobel, may be unaware that they can file a lawsuit against companies after experiencing events such as these. A high or low number of reported incidents should not deter someone from seeking rightful compensation after a fire and/or explosion caused by a faulty product, especially if there are any emotional or financial setbacks. While Samsung has been actively dealing with the fallout of their explosive Galaxy Note 7s, other distributors of other harmful products may hold themselves less accountable.

Federal law also prohibits any person or company to continue the sale of a publicly-announced voluntary recall ordered by the CPSC. If you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after the recall on September 15th but prior to the corrected phone expected to release on September 21st, you may report that person or point of sale.

Contact Theisen & Roche For Fire and Explosion Cases in Illinois

Theisen & Roche, LTD. highly encourages Galaxy Note 7 owners to participate in Samsung’s Battery Safety Recall and Exchange Program. Since 97% of the phone sold in the US contain the faulty battery, you should participate even if you have not experienced an issue, to remove any threat of injury or damages. You may choose between a full refund, a downgrade to another Samsung phone with a refund on the price difference between phones, or a replacement of the Note 7 with a CPSC-approved battery. If you have experienced an incident because of the Galaxy Note 7, we encourage you to report the incident to CPSC and contact us here at Theisen & Roche.

Remember that US consumers have rights. Theisen & Roche aims to protect consumers from negligent parties and hold those parties accountable. Feel free to contact us at (630) 871-9003 or online in the case of any fire and/or explosion cases.