Bicycle Safety On The Road


Riding a bike can be just as dangerous as driving a car for those who don’t use common sense while on the road. While some may think that there is a difference between cyclists and drivers, many states classify bikes as vehicles when creating traffic laws. In fact, bicyclists are expected to obey the same rules of the road as cars when on their bikes. What are some steps that a cyclist can take to stay safe in traffic?

Refrain From Using A Phone While Riding

Texting or talking on the phone while on a bike can be just as distracting as trying to use a phone while driving. However, in a collision between a bike and an automobile, the person on the bike is more likely to suffer serious injuries. Therefore, it is critical to keep your eyes on the road for your safety and others. In cities such as Flagstaff, Arizona, a rider can be fined up to $250 for texting while riding.

Be Careful When Wearing A Headset

The human brain is only good at focusing on one thing at a time. If you are having a conversation on your phone or altering your playlist, there is a good chance that you are not focused on the road. In addition, the use of headphones may cancel out the noise from an ambulance or other emergency vehicle that may be changing lanes or making turns. If a cyclist is trying to also change lanes or make a turn, the odds of an accident may go up if the rider is wearing headphones.

The Use of Protective Gear Can Save Lives

Those who are going to be riding bikes anywhere near cars should wear a bicycle helmet at a minimum. It may also be a good idea to wear elbow and knee pads while on a bike. When riding at night, it’s a good idea to wear reflective clothing or make use of reflectors that can be puton your bike. On sunny days, wearing sunglasses can keep the glare out of your eyes and make it easier to see cars and pedestrians around you.

Whether you are on in a car or on a bike, you have to be aware of your surroundings while on the road. An accident could lead to serious injuries to a cyclist or to a pedestrian who is involved in an accident with a bike. A bicycle accident with a car could even lead to the death of the cyclist. Keeping your eyes on the road and both hands on your bike can help you focus better on what is going on around you and allow you to get around obstacles in a safe and timely manner.

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